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COOPPROJIRAU is a CSO (Civil Society Organization) with the development of income generation projects in sustainable projects for the rural area of ​​Porto Velho - Rondônia / Brazil.

The formation of the Rural Producers Cooperative of the Jirau Environmental Observatory (COOPPROJIRAU) took place through a process of debates between producers and the technical staff of the Jirau Environmental Observatory, within the scope of the Environmental Education Program of the Jirau Hydroelectric Plant (UHE), which resulted at the constitution meeting for approval of the bylaws on September 25, 2010.

It counted with the participation of 27 cooperative residents of Jaci Paraná, Nova Mutum Paraná and of the extensions 31 de Março, Brito, Caldeirão, Cical and Arrependido.

In order to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities located in the area of ​​influence of the Jirau HPP, COOPPROJIRAU develops income generation, training and technical assistance projects, in addition to organizing agricultural production for sale.




Meet the projects in development:

Organization and Commercialization of Agricultural Production

For the development of this project, COOPPROJIRAU guides family producers on improving the quality and presentation of products, in addition to the optimized planning of different crops.

Products such as cheese, eggs, cassava, fruit, among others, are sold on weekends at the Feira Livre located on Avenida. Rio Madeira, Nova Mutum Paraná district, city of Porto Velho, state of Rondônia, Brazil.

Açaí Extractive Group

In August 2013, a partnership was signed between COOPPROJIRAU and the group of açaí extractivists, target audience of the Subprogram for the Promotion of Forest Products Extraction Technology, within the scope of the Social Compensation Program, aiming at strengthening the productive chain of the açaí in the region surrounding the Jirau Hydroelectric Plant (UHE).

In this partnership, two hundred and eighty hectares of açaí were planted, ten hectares intercropped with banana at the Ramal Cical, ten hectares intercropped with banana at the Rio Madeira Branch and eight hectares of single açaí at the Ramal Cical.


All açaí production in these areas and also part of the production in other areas such as Lábrea - AM and the Jamari National Forest, located in the municipality of Itapuã do Oeste -RO, will be sent to the COOPPROJIRAU fruit pulp agribusiness.

Agroforestry Systems Project (SAFs)

The SAFs Project started in June 2015 in partnership with the Municipality of Technical Assistance and Rural Extension of the state of Rondônia (EMATER), aiming at the production of açaí, cupuaçu and other fruits through Family Farming. Currently, 34 members are part of the project. The producers themselves are responsible for the entire production chain, from seed harvesting, production, planting and maintenance of seedlings, to the sale of fruit.

Technology Transfer Project

COOPPROJIRAU and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) entered into a partnership through ESBR in June 2014 to carry out actions within the scope of knowledge dissemination through the transfer of specific technology, with the objective of guiding and training cooperative members for improvement of milk production. EMBRAPA's job consists of providing technical guidance for pasture recovery, management, genetic improvement and selection of animals with a high level of production and that of COOPPROJIRAU consists of monitoring the implementation of the projects.

With the implementation of management, a rotated and intermittent system and formation of weeds, the members, members of the project, considerably increased milk production, with the possibility of raising a larger number of cattle in a smaller pasture area, going from one to two and a half animals per hectare.

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