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ADM Council

Conselho ADM: Membros da Equipe

Sandra Vicentini



Marcelino Blasius

Vice president

Sonia Maria S. Lemos

Chief Financial Officer

The Administrative Council, a collegiate body in charge of the Cooperative's decision-making process in relation to its strategic direction, is the highest body in the administrative hierarchy, with its private competence and exclusive responsibility for deciding on any and all economic or social matters of interest of the cooperative and its members under the terms of the Law and recommendation of the General Assembly.
The Administrative Council receives powers from the cooperative members, and reports to them at general meetings. It is the responsibility of this Council to be the guardian of the corporate purpose and the governance system. It is he who decides the direction of the business, according to the cooperative's best interest.
The Council is made up of three members, all of whom are cooperative in the enjoyment of their social rights, elected by the general assembly for a four-year term, and must choose among themselves, upon taking office, those who will exercise the functions of President, Vice-President and Treasurer.
Some of the duties of the Board of Directors are to ensure faithful compliance with the bylaws, to comply with and enforce the powers of the bylaws and to comply with and enforce the resolutions of the general meetings and of the board of directors.
It must be made clear that the performance of this body can never be compromised by the interests of a single cooperative or specific group, so that there can never be benefits in favor of only one of the interested parties.
The Board of Directors' main mission is to protect and value the Cooperative, optimize investments and seek a balance between the interests of the parties (cooperative members, stakeholders and partners), so that each one receives the appropriate benefits.

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